Episode 002 - Arch-Enemy Status: It's Complicated

Our hosts rummage through their utility belts to examine Complications in all their glory.

Highlights include:

- Dan reveals his true colours as Joss Whedon fanboy!
- Kyle thinks Green Ronin didn't deserve their recently awarded ENnie!

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Episode 001 - Special Collector's Item

Now with foil embossed, wrap around cover and unique trading card!

Join our hosts as they speculate on the nature of upcoming 'Mutants & Masterminds' releases, examine recent 'Power Profiles', and delve into the 'Threat Reports' compilation.

Hightlights include:

 - The mystery of Kyle's secret origin revealed!
 - Dan's sordid affair with a certain red and blue hero exposed!
 - Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Tree-people, oh my!

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