Episode 005 - Highway To The Danger Room

Our hosts step into their brand new Danger Room segment. Full of action! Intrigue! Nazis getting punched in the face! And maybe just a hint of romance...?

Probably not.

Highlights Include:

- Kyle rants about time travel. Which is a terrible storytelling device, except in those circumstances where he says it is not.
- Dan is caught in a fight for his life.
- The longest episode yet!

Listen now!

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  1. Good Show. I really liked the Danger Room. Sugestions for the next show:
    1) Discussion on Equipment vs Device. When to use which. I always set the separating point at rank 5 for most Equipment; above that it's most often a Device.
    2) for the next Danger Room: a street-level hero with lots of Advantages. I think alot of players take advantage and then forget they have them.
    Thanks for the great Podcast

  2. Anonymous14:47

    How abouta field tet of the gm tool kit but giving advice on how to shift the points around to match the character you're looking for?

    For example you generate Thunderclap and Foot Stomp but want to swap them for Heat Vision and Super Breath (can't imagine where I got that idea from!)

    For danger room, how about seeing how War Puppy copes when thrown against a small group of robots with the end game against a larger robot thats actually a giantrobot being piloted?