Episode 006 - Fellowship Of The Power Ring

How do you get a group of diverse and powerful individuals to agree to set aside any differances they might have and work together for the greater good? You give themsomething to punch! By listener request our hosts address the issue of how to get characters to form a superteam.

Highlights Include:

- Punching For Justice's first bit of listener mail that gets read on the 'cast! Will yours be the second?
- Kyle reminisces about cartoons that existed before he did.
- If you listen really close, you might hear a radiator in the background! So that's a treat.

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  1. Anonymous05:54

    You forgot to mention two of my personal favourite ways to get a team together

    - The first is you're all members of the same family - even a loner has to accept they have to still visit with their family sometimes...

    - The other is to wake up with no memeory of the other team members but everyone else thinks of them as a team... They could be dimensional "twins" who've taken the place of this world's heroes, clones unplugged to replace their dead originals or even an alien parasites who've taken over a team.

    My latest team woke up in a warehouse, aware of their abilities but with no knowledge of the others in the room, after fitting their way out they discover that the world thinks of them as a well established team but gradually they start to realise that none of them exactly remember their lives and this world in this way - one had a girlfriend he knew nothing about, another a pet, some of the places they knew are different and history has been different in some ways than they remember it - they have to work together to figure out what has happened to them and why... Endless links for future adventures.

    1. I feel as though we did address both those methods. Perhaps not directly with you're second example, but that could certinally fit into a few of the examples we gave.

      However, I know I mentioned having all the characters be family members, and I referanced the book, DYNAMO 5 as an example of this in comics.