Episode 011 - This Isn't Even My Final Form

Our hosts discuss ideas on how to handle the mechanical progression of player characters

Highlights Include:

- It's a new episode. Isn't that a highlight in and of itself?
- Is there a word our hosts are particularly fond of? Absolutely!

BONUS: Kyle has opinions! About Batman movies!

Listen now!

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  1. I wondered about the bus scene in TDK, too. I think Joker just hired a bunch o guys to drive stolen buses past the bank at a certain time. Gotham seems pretty corrupt, so he can probably buy off anyone he needs.

    1. I hadn't even considered that. Makes a lot more sense than there just being a convoy of school buses.

  2. I would listen to an hour of film commentary from Kyle and Dan. Perhaps a wrap up/review of a year's worth of supers films? I hope Mystery Men makes an appearance.