Episode 014 - Universe of Adventure

Punching For Justice returns to review the Asian Weapons and Guns Gadget Guides, as well as discuss the now available DC Adventures Universe tome.

Highlights Include:
- The DNA test results are in; apparently one of our hosts is the father!
- An in depth and insightful discussion on the merits of gun control in our modern world.

BONUS: Recent pop culture superhero round-up!

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  1. Hey, guys. Love the show. I've been running M&M for a while now, but recently started my first level 12 campaign. We had a few issues with character creation, but we're past that. Here's the question I'd love if you could address. How do I get my players to learn their character sheets? Here's what happens; my players ask if they can do something, and it makes sense with their character concept, but I'm not an expert (and that might be the answer) on the rules. The players don't bother with them and just expect what they suggest to work.

    I don't mind this, but ask myself why we bother with the system if a more simple one (like FATE) would get the job done.

    At the moment, I'm planning a future campaign set at a lower level with fewer power points per level to kind of force them to learn how skills and advantages work.

    Thanks for the help.