1. I'm not sure if you've covered this in your podcasts but you could go over the rules for minions and sidekicks, how they differ and the pros and cons for taking either as an advantage please?

  2. You're back! Excellent!! I can't wait to hear about your thoughts of the Atlases of Earth-Prime.

    I do have a question: how do you build a character with two alternate forms, in this case a solid metal one and an insubstantial energy one? Is one an AE of the other?

  3. Hi, i have a Superhero sourcebook for playing Superheroes in the United Kingdom, i wounder if you are interested in learning more?

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    Crossfire (an Alien Exchange) Legacy of Eagles
    Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail
    The Lancelot Caper (unpublished)
    American Dream
    Peking Duck
    Pilcomayo Project
    Contagion, Coincidence & Confusion

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    This Sceptered Isle has called. Its time to talc up the spandex and get pledging